Witch's Blood, Book 2: Bloodshed

Witch's Blood, Book 2: Bloodshed

By Neha Yazmin

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  • Release Date: 2018-06-12
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Witch's Blood, Book 2: Bloodshed Details


"A dead witch, killed in an unfathomable way. A bloodless murder.
The disappearance of the person that would've been the police's prime suspect in this investigation. A person that – god help me – I trust. And fancy like mad. Who haunts my dreams and burns me with his touch.
The almost certainty of more killings. More dead witches.
Receiving clues relating to the murder, which could only have been courtesy of a ghost.
And to top it all off, the one thing that could've guided me through this dangerous situation – my ability to see the future – has completely deserted me.
I'm in trouble.
Big trouble."

The hunt for the witch killer is in full swing, but why isn't Amber getting any premonitions to help her along the way? She should be able to see who the killer's next victim is going to be and save them. And catch the murderer red-handed. But she doesn't get a single vision of the future...

As the bodies of dead witches start piling up, Amber and her fellow investigators become desperate. So desperate that Amber realises she has to do something she never thought she'd do alone – break into an invisible skyscraper!

When Amber and her friends come face-to-face with creatures and magic of the likes they've never seen, they realise that the world is in greater danger now than it has ever been.

This is the second book in the epic Witch's Blood Series. If you're a fan of teen fiction with twists and turns, badass heroines and complicated villains, then you will love Neha Yazmin's thrilling supernatural fantasy series!

If you like the Shadowhunter Chronicles, A Shade of Vampire and all things related to the Chosen One, vampires, slayers and witches, download Witch's Blood, Book 2 today and unravel the mystery!

Author's Note: This series takes place after the events of the Poison Blood Series, and this book includes major spoilers. The first two Poison Blood books are free, though, so you can download them now to see if you want to catch-up properly before starting this book. Of course, if you don’t like vampires, you don’t have to read the Poison Blood Series and you can jump into the Witch’s Blood Series, that’s fine, too.

Praise for the Poison Blood Series:

‘The best book I’ve read on my Kindle Fire. Absolutely loved it.’ 5-stars
~ Goodreads Review

'Love this book. Very well written and the characters very believable.' 5-stars
~ Amazon US Review

'It was never boring. I enjoyed every part of this series, from book 1 to the final in the series.' 5-stars
~ Goodreads Review

'This is a character-driven story. Neha's characters' depths are what drive her stories, each with their hidden secrets. I am definitely hooked on the Poison Blood series.' 5-stars
~ Smashwords Review

'Awesome. This was great, couldn't put it down.' 5-stars
~ iBooks Australia Review

‘Just love love love these books, would highly recommend them.’ 5-stars
~ Goodreads Review

Book Details:
Length: ~85,000 words
Mood: Dark / Humorous / Coming of age
Content: No violence / No erotica
Genre: Teen & YA Paranormal Romance / YA Vampire Romance / Teen Paranormal Fantasy / YA Urban Fantasy / Young Adult & Teen Science Fiction & Fantasy / Fantasy Romance / Paranormal Urban Fantasy / Supernatural Romance / Supernatural & Fantasy
Audience: Teens / Young Adult / New Adult / Adult


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